Saturday, 17 January 2009


Another issue of NHH and my 2 articals :o)
Not the best but looking ok :o)


So the 1st is from the 3ft People Festival in the summer
2nd is 'My First Haircut' still to be finished with a title and embellishment
3rd is my little tinkerbelle...again not finished.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Another night out...

So here is Vicky and I from Saturday night, OMGoodness what a night.
its the 1st time i've had a friend to share clothes with and she tarted me up BIG time!

And since when do men ask 'do you wanna come home with me' before asking your name?
Madness!!! *rolls eyes*

So what with that guy and stalker Owen who was Jekyll and Hyde, I'm doing REALLY well!

Ha ha ha

Friday, 2 January 2009

Do you remember...?

I've been to catch up (again) with an old friend.
This old friend got me and Kev together, so it was really hard going to her house again after so long...

There is so many things I remember, laying of the sofa listening to music talking well into the early hours, laughing, being wrapped around his body whist sat on the freeze somking, drink and snogging
Our 1st night together...

I wanna talk to him about these so much, just to see if he remembers, but I know I shouldn't dwell on the past, so hense why its going up remember things as they were.

I promised myself not to dwel on 2008, but its hard.

I miss him so much, despite knowing this is the best thing for me.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

for you xxx

“The secret of health for both the mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, not to anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.”

Happy New Year


2008 has been full of adventures, good times and bad times..

I'm trying to do this in order but not sure how it will work out!

I saw the Spice Girs at the 02 in January

I spent time with good Nanny friends

My gorgeous cousin Rachel got married
And after a drunken conversation I regained a relationship with my Dad.

I had to say goodbye to Sarah, who jetting to Canada.
She came back in the summer for a visit but its not the same :o(

I had the worlds worse holiday in Lanzarote (or lanzagrotty!)
I mean there were good times in the 2 weeks but it cost me over £1000 and I think about it and it was generally awful.

My brother Jack (10) and I spend a day in ond visiting the Tower of London and the London Eye
As scary as it was, a fear overcome!

I spent some time up in Huddersfield visiting my dad, step mum and brother H (13)
The then headed to Leeds to visit my Auntie Jo Jo and found my HUGE love for Jo Malone!

I wrote off my Seat Leon :o(
1st accident!
and had to sit in an ambuance (1st time!)

I went on the RAGE in Southend..TWICE!

I played animal SOS

We had 2 litters of beautiful Kittens :o)

I spent more time with my family up north.

I started a veggie patch and grew oads of veg, but mainly pumpkins!

I statred and fell in love with scrapbooking!

I caught up with old friends and there babies,
Caroline & Andy with AJ, Michael & Oliver
Gemma & Martin with Caitlyn & Cerys
Rachael & John with Charlie & bump
Leanne & Harvey

I made LOADS of new nanny friends, some who have been a great suport!
Vicky has been an amazing support every single day, through the ups and downs that life takes us on.
I also have
To thanks for being there for me with all lifes little (or BIG) problems!

I have found new friends in people I never thought possible
Thank you Jade for listening to me in my deepest darkest moments.

I LOVE my sister Vicky...nothing more needs to be said hey hun x

I went to the NTA 2008

I took my sister to see Wicked :o)
We also spent a day looking around the NHM in London

I TOTALLY fell in love with it, its an amazing show! I also saw it again in Dec with Laura for her Birthday!

My babies grew up, S turned 6 and I turned 3.
S had some friends round for a roast lamb dinner and India had a HUGE Dora party with all her friends!

I have alot to be thankful for, and a lot to look bad on and feel sad.
After nearly 3 years Kevin and I broke up, at the time of writing its been about a month apart and generally day to day I feel ok, but at the same time I miss him very much.
I have not only lost him, I have lost the relationship with his children, they are no longer interested in me, which is heart breaking.
Hense why I haven't added so much Kevin activities of 2008, not because they were bad time, but because I don't need to remember those any more.
The love is still VERY much there but some things just aren't meant to be :o(

2009 will no doubt bring more good times and more bad, but whatever happens I'm going to make the most of it, make more time for friends, gym more too loose all this fat! enjoy every moment I have with the girls, after all...who knows where I might end up going!

Also I went to T4 on the Beach...


I found Barleylands Craft Village

I have well and truly got good use out of my Colchester Zoo Gold Card.

S6 learnt to ride her bike with no stablisers!

I3 started doing ballet :o) My Prima Ballerina

I saw in NYE with Heather in Shitargo's in Chelmsford! Messy, messy times hey Heather!