Thursday, 31 July 2008

Nothing new...

Had an ok sort of day, nothing much rained I guitar hero'ed it up and played with the girls...when do you get too old for making dens???

Evening has been FANTASTIC! Dead happy, but nothing I wanna share! :o)

I am off again to play Guitar Hero, its sooooooooooooooooo fabby! lol

Rock on!!! pmp

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hylands Park

Hylands Park
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I have again NOTHING particually interesting to post about, but can't go a day without posting!
I went for a walk to Hylands Park (Chelmsford) with the girls yesterday, and I had my you do. So I finally took a picture of this house, I must have this thing about odd little houses that you couldn't possibly live in!!! LOL
But don't you just love it! Apart from all the stranges that would walk by and the shouting in the summer, not to mention the V festival! ha ha ha!!!

Today has been very uneventful! I did 3 hours of ironing. watered my veg and played with the girls!
So there we go...all excitement in the house today! lol

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


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Today, our cat (who is barly only a cat herself) gave birth to 2 beautiful kittens!
She snuck off and gave birth alone, and we manged to eventually find her hidden under the desk in my room.
Its totally an amazing thing, she looked so proud of herself!

I'm also having a pretty good week considering its only Tuesday! I've spent some fun times with the girls, and tended to my veg a bit and tomorrow I have to finally tackel that ever growing pile of ironing :o(
Been out bowling tonight and score 150, in my 1st game! So proud of myself! 2nd game, not so good but then made up for it in the 3rd with 110!
Feeling good, just can't wait till Thursday!

Monday, 28 July 2008


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I haven't really got much to talk about today...but just wanted to share this picture...I think its quiet pretty!!! :o)

Still feeling ok, in fact got an exciting week ahead of me! Can't wait!!!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

kung fu panda

kung fu panda
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I've been to see this funny!
Jack Black is wicked...and the way he delievers lines is amazing, had me in stiches!
Go watch it!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow

11-07-08 (4)
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This week has been full of ups and downs.
Its been emotional to say the least, but I have to admit, I'm feeling strangly different!
I feel like my life can go where ever i want it to go, I have the power to do what I want!
At the moment, I'm going to enjoy my job for as long as it lasts, I mean it could be my final year with the girls and I need to make the most of it!
I also need to think about my future and start saving...
I need to love myself, and who I am...the path I am walking down now...finding who I am!
I don't care what people think of me, coz I KNOW I'm ok, and if people don't like me, thats their problem, nothing I can do to change that!
I feel this rainbow is like my life, somewhere it wil end, but we don't know when or where or even what surprises there will be at the end...but I can't wait to live MY life to see!

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chappel Viaduct

Chappel Viaduct
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Another photo I thought i'd share while i'm waiting for dinner to cook!

This is the Viaduct in Chappel, Colchester...I hear the trains a few times a day if wind is in the right direction, but sadly not used as much as it once was.

The Chappel viaduct is 1066ft long, has 32 arches of 30ft span and its maximum height is 75f.
And more of its history can be found at

Out on the town....

Ohhhh i'm so excited about going out tonight!
Tent is up, finally after some much needed help from my little brother! and i'm washed and just about to have dinner before i put my slap on!

1st night out in town for AGES and i'm gonna enjoy it! :o)


Don't you just love a good secret?

I have the biggest and BEST secret in the world, and do you know who i'm going to tell?

NO ONE! :o)

I didn't get to sleep till about 4 this morning, for no particular reason, just couldn't tonight i'm off out on the town with the girlies having had very little sleep! Not only that but I now need to go and get some bacon for Emily, I don't want her to be too dissapointed tomorrow morning! lol
We're having a tent sleep over! Purely coz my mums house just doesn't have enough room for an extra person, and also that the tent might be a little cleaner than the house....I love my mum but she's never been house proud!
So look out on facebook/flickr for the pictures! ha ha ha

Friday, 25 July 2008


There are a few songs I totally LOVE and with the current mood kind of mean something to me!
I sing along and some times they make me happy and some times make me sad....

The 1st one is from the show Wicked

I can't want it anymore.Something has changed within me.Something is not the
same.I'm through with playing by the rules of someone elses game.Too late for
second-guessing.Too late to go back to sleep!It's time to trust my instints.
Close my eyes, and leap!It's time to trust my instincs. Close my eyes, and
leap!It's time to try defying gravity.I think I'll try defying gravity, and you
can't pull me down!....I really hope you get it, And you don't live to regreat
it!I hope you're happy in the end!I hope you're happy, my friend!

The 2nd one is From High School Musical 2 (i'm not ashamed I LOVE it)

I gotta say what’s in my mindSomething about usDoesn’t seem right these
daysLife keeps getting in the wayWhenever we try, somehow the planIs always
rearrangedIt’s so hard to sayBut I’ve gotta do what’s best for meYou’ll be
okayI’ve go to move on and be who I amI just don’t belong hereI hope you
understandWe might find our place in this world somedayBut at least for nowI
gotta go my own awayDon’t wanna leave it all behindBut I get my hopes upAnd I
watch them fall everytimeAnother colour turns to greyAnd it’s just too hard to
watch it all slowly fade awayI’m leaving today ‘cozI’ve gotta do what’s best for
meYou’ll be okayI’ve got to move on and be who I amI just don’t belong hereI
hope you understandWe might find our place in thisWorld somedayBut at least for
nowI gotta go my own away

Both these songs are regually played as the girls I look after LOVE them too...

You'll have to excuse the mess they are written out in, i just copied and pasted! ha ha ha

I need a hug :o(


25-07-08 (2)
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For anyone who knows me well enough, knows how much I love my veggie patch!
Today whilst watering them, I noticed i have some pumpkins actually growing!!! HOW EXCITING!
Its taken its time coming, or I've just been really impatient!

I feel really bad tonight, I'm sat at home catching up with the family, having left friend G on her birthday BBQ bash.
I had hoped enought people were going to be there so I wouldn't really be noticed going, but I truly feel really bad aout it :o(
Sorry G xxx

Also K messaged me getting stressed about shopping with the girls, so like a mug I offered to help, take the girls, but it gets thrown back in my face...I shouldn't worry really but I do, and he knows I'll just take I ignore it and changed the subject! ha ha ha

I'm just gonna chill with the family and have a glass of wine!!! :o)

I'm sooooooooo confused!
K and I broke up a week or so ago, and in all honesty I'm OK about it. We chat, basics 'how are you?' kind of chatting...but now after Wednesday I'm confused!
I don't think I want to be with him, but Wednesday was so nice...just me and him. I thought I could do 'just the fun parts' but I don't know if i can!
Life with Kev was never easy as i knew it would never be, but we are so totally in love with each other that it never really mattered...or at least to me. I always felt a little neglected when the girls were about, but I guess that was partly my fault as I never really involved myself...
I'm just sat here waiting for him to text...or send me a facebook message, its soooo pathetic!!
Why did he ask me to Lakeside with him? Surely that means he wants to spend time with me?
Its tooooo much!

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Don't feel sorry for me...

...coz K and I have split up...we KNOW why we have done what we've done and we're both coping ok.
I haven't lost a limb and I don't want you to hear 'oh i'm so sorry for you'


Sort your own life out before judging mine!!!


EN The Fling 2008 (41)
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I have many friends, some who are more true friends than others.
Take J for example, J is fab...she makes me feel better by ignoring the S*** thats going on around.
Some friends like to talk problems out but not J, and she's always there when it counts.
G is another one! I've not always treat G well (sorry, if your reading!) but when i need her she's there with open arms and never judges me for the way i've treated her!

Tonight I've had a fab evening with E (in the picture)...we're both as bad as each other, we CAN NOT make up our minds on anything, and set out tonight going to go and watch a film and where did we end up? BOWLING!!! LOL
It was a real giggle!
And despite the confusion hanging over my 'relationship' with K atm I feel really lucky that I have such a GREAT bunch of friends :o)
BTW I TOTALLY sucked at bowling!!!


Colchester 14-06-08 (4)
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What a wonderful day today has been!
Spent the day with a fellow nanny friend D, who looks after 2 children the same ages a I3 and S6. We went bowling, and of course I won!!! lol, then a picnic in Castle Park followed by boating and Ice Cream!
And its been sooooooooooo hot and lovely! :o)
Its not even 5o'clock and i'm 'off duty'!!!!
That hasn't happened in a Loooooooong time, and also i'm off out again with a friend!
Feeling very cheerful about things!

Might pop back later and tell you my review on choice film tonight at cinema!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Don't get me wrong....

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Just in case anyone wonderers,
I had an amazing 2 years with K and I do truly love him dearly, and possibly always will.
Just feel its time to be selfish! :o)
No harm in that right?

On a quest

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So i'm on a quest to loose weight!

I'm going to weigh myself every weekend, and track far 5lbs lost! (careless i hear you say! lol)

So last night I went for a walk round work. I love it so much round this area its fantastic! :o)
So here is my picture to share today! (now i have net back up and running!)
I'm feeling ok, despite a little set back...I won't go into details!
I am now actually not so sure if I want him back, just gonna have fun and see what happens with MY life!

Short and sweet but its late! :o)

Ginger Bread House

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I’ve actually written this the night of the 22nd, but could post it live till now due to the crappy internet connection at work!

To continue from yesterday and the little house I was going to run away to as a child.
Here is a house I have always loved. It’s a quirky little house that reminds me of the ‘Ginger Bread House’ from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
I would love to live in it due to the amazing location. Situated about 10mins walk from the main parts of Great Waltham, the waterfall at the bottom of the garden and fields all around!
To my surprise this house is ‘To Let’ (not toilet as S6 read!) I’m debating to ring the number to get more information on it, but seems a bit pointless if I’m in Colchester 5nights a week! But maybe it’s what I need with my new start…

Today is 6 days since K and I split.
All in all I feel a little bit lost and there is this little twinge of emptiness in the pit of my stomach, that makes me feel sad, think a lot and not feel like eating (which I know isn’t any good for me, but the misery diet has made me shed 5lbs so far only 3 ½ left to loose!)
Day by day I feel a little better, and I know given time it WILL get better, I just need to get myself in my own routine and start living for myself.
Tonight I have pampered myself a little. My wonderful friend Vicky came over today and gave me some Ferrero Rocher, which are by far my favourite chocolate!
So I’m sat with some ‘Nose Pore Strips’ on, clearing my black heads, painting my nails whilst eating chocolate (…the most I have eaten in 6 days) and watching Friends.
I’m VERY grateful for those friends who have been there for me over the last 6 days, and some people who I never thought would be there have been there.

I’ve found a few local courses that I am interested in doing, Spanish, Photography and Planning an Organic Vegetable Garden. I think the only one I’m going to have to debate is the Photography (of course it’s the one I want to do most!) as it starts in Colchester at 7.30, which is generally the time I finish work!
I want to do the Spanish so I can teach the children more than just ‘Hola, buenas dias, como esta?’ and also ‘La cuenta, por favor’
And the Organic Garden course due to the love I have at the moment for my vegetables (pictures of course can be found on my facebook page). I’m amazed actually at how much enjoyment I’ve got out of the garden! Planting the seeds and watching them grow then planting them in the veggie patch and watering them and watching them grow more. Its been fantastic! And if that makes me sad and be it I DON'T CARE!

Monday, 21 July 2008

My New Start....

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Growing up as a child, I had a few ‘Issues’ with my mother....nothing major, not unlike most teenage girls relationships with their mothers at 12/13!
Unfortunately I was VERY much like her, in many ways and as a result we use to argue a fair bit.
Today while out walking with the children I care for I3 and S6 I recalled a distant memory from the past.
We stumbled across, this.....
This building is where I always planned to run away to if things got to bad.
Looking back now, I can see a minor flaw in my childish plan!
Not only is it far too small, but its also situated right next to the waterfall!
We’ve had a few bad winters, lots of rain and all sorts of weather, and I have been down this part when you actually get over the bridge due to flooding!!!

I've got alot more pictures to share over the coming week, just coz i feel this is MY space to share MY feelings.

Over the last 2 years I've had many ups and downs, now I'm going for my greatest 'up' ever!
I'm learning to love myself....why? Because i'm stuck with myself for ever! Which isn't such a bad thing!
I've invested in a set of darts, something of which I have learnt to enjoy over the last 2 years and wish to take it up myself, so there is my next quest...finding a pub that has a ladies darts team!
Friday I am off to the gym, hopefully to join!!!!

Changes with any luck WILL be happening!
Watch this space!