Friday, 25 July 2008


25-07-08 (2)
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For anyone who knows me well enough, knows how much I love my veggie patch!
Today whilst watering them, I noticed i have some pumpkins actually growing!!! HOW EXCITING!
Its taken its time coming, or I've just been really impatient!

I feel really bad tonight, I'm sat at home catching up with the family, having left friend G on her birthday BBQ bash.
I had hoped enought people were going to be there so I wouldn't really be noticed going, but I truly feel really bad aout it :o(
Sorry G xxx

Also K messaged me getting stressed about shopping with the girls, so like a mug I offered to help, take the girls, but it gets thrown back in my face...I shouldn't worry really but I do, and he knows I'll just take I ignore it and changed the subject! ha ha ha

I'm just gonna chill with the family and have a glass of wine!!! :o)

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