Friday, 25 July 2008

I'm sooooooooo confused!
K and I broke up a week or so ago, and in all honesty I'm OK about it. We chat, basics 'how are you?' kind of chatting...but now after Wednesday I'm confused!
I don't think I want to be with him, but Wednesday was so nice...just me and him. I thought I could do 'just the fun parts' but I don't know if i can!
Life with Kev was never easy as i knew it would never be, but we are so totally in love with each other that it never really mattered...or at least to me. I always felt a little neglected when the girls were about, but I guess that was partly my fault as I never really involved myself...
I'm just sat here waiting for him to text...or send me a facebook message, its soooo pathetic!!
Why did he ask me to Lakeside with him? Surely that means he wants to spend time with me?
Its tooooo much!

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