Tuesday, 29 July 2008


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Today, our cat (who is barly only a cat herself) gave birth to 2 beautiful kittens!
She snuck off and gave birth alone, and we manged to eventually find her hidden under the desk in my room.
Its totally an amazing thing, she looked so proud of herself!

I'm also having a pretty good week considering its only Tuesday! I've spent some fun times with the girls, and tended to my veg a bit and tomorrow I have to finally tackel that ever growing pile of ironing :o(
Been out bowling tonight and score 150, in my 1st game! So proud of myself! 2nd game, not so good but then made up for it in the 3rd with 110!
Feeling good, just can't wait till Thursday!


Jen said...

Congrats on becoming a granny! ;) My baby girl had her litter young too (she was just turned 1 yr)

* Sarah * said...

Awww my 1st comment! lol how exciting!

Our cat is about 1 as well, blast my mother for not getting her done, but we've found a home for ginger kitten and might keep the other one :o)
Whats one more cat when you have 4 already?