Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ginger Bread House

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I’ve actually written this the night of the 22nd, but could post it live till now due to the crappy internet connection at work!

To continue from yesterday and the little house I was going to run away to as a child.
Here is a house I have always loved. It’s a quirky little house that reminds me of the ‘Ginger Bread House’ from the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’.
I would love to live in it due to the amazing location. Situated about 10mins walk from the main parts of Great Waltham, the waterfall at the bottom of the garden and fields all around!
To my surprise this house is ‘To Let’ (not toilet as S6 read!) I’m debating to ring the number to get more information on it, but seems a bit pointless if I’m in Colchester 5nights a week! But maybe it’s what I need with my new start…

Today is 6 days since K and I split.
All in all I feel a little bit lost and there is this little twinge of emptiness in the pit of my stomach, that makes me feel sad, think a lot and not feel like eating (which I know isn’t any good for me, but the misery diet has made me shed 5lbs so far only 3 ½ left to loose!)
Day by day I feel a little better, and I know given time it WILL get better, I just need to get myself in my own routine and start living for myself.
Tonight I have pampered myself a little. My wonderful friend Vicky came over today and gave me some Ferrero Rocher, which are by far my favourite chocolate!
So I’m sat with some ‘Nose Pore Strips’ on, clearing my black heads, painting my nails whilst eating chocolate (…the most I have eaten in 6 days) and watching Friends.
I’m VERY grateful for those friends who have been there for me over the last 6 days, and some people who I never thought would be there have been there.

I’ve found a few local courses that I am interested in doing, Spanish, Photography and Planning an Organic Vegetable Garden. I think the only one I’m going to have to debate is the Photography (of course it’s the one I want to do most!) as it starts in Colchester at 7.30, which is generally the time I finish work!
I want to do the Spanish so I can teach the children more than just ‘Hola, buenas dias, como esta?’ and also ‘La cuenta, por favor’
And the Organic Garden course due to the love I have at the moment for my vegetables (pictures of course can be found on my facebook page). I’m amazed actually at how much enjoyment I’ve got out of the garden! Planting the seeds and watching them grow then planting them in the veggie patch and watering them and watching them grow more. Its been fantastic! And if that makes me sad and be it I DON'T CARE!

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