Thursday, 24 July 2008


EN The Fling 2008 (41)
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I have many friends, some who are more true friends than others.
Take J for example, J is fab...she makes me feel better by ignoring the S*** thats going on around.
Some friends like to talk problems out but not J, and she's always there when it counts.
G is another one! I've not always treat G well (sorry, if your reading!) but when i need her she's there with open arms and never judges me for the way i've treated her!

Tonight I've had a fab evening with E (in the picture)...we're both as bad as each other, we CAN NOT make up our minds on anything, and set out tonight going to go and watch a film and where did we end up? BOWLING!!! LOL
It was a real giggle!
And despite the confusion hanging over my 'relationship' with K atm I feel really lucky that I have such a GREAT bunch of friends :o)
BTW I TOTALLY sucked at bowling!!!

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