Monday, 21 July 2008

My New Start....

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Growing up as a child, I had a few ‘Issues’ with my mother....nothing major, not unlike most teenage girls relationships with their mothers at 12/13!
Unfortunately I was VERY much like her, in many ways and as a result we use to argue a fair bit.
Today while out walking with the children I care for I3 and S6 I recalled a distant memory from the past.
We stumbled across, this.....
This building is where I always planned to run away to if things got to bad.
Looking back now, I can see a minor flaw in my childish plan!
Not only is it far too small, but its also situated right next to the waterfall!
We’ve had a few bad winters, lots of rain and all sorts of weather, and I have been down this part when you actually get over the bridge due to flooding!!!

I've got alot more pictures to share over the coming week, just coz i feel this is MY space to share MY feelings.

Over the last 2 years I've had many ups and downs, now I'm going for my greatest 'up' ever!
I'm learning to love myself....why? Because i'm stuck with myself for ever! Which isn't such a bad thing!
I've invested in a set of darts, something of which I have learnt to enjoy over the last 2 years and wish to take it up myself, so there is my next quest...finding a pub that has a ladies darts team!
Friday I am off to the gym, hopefully to join!!!!

Changes with any luck WILL be happening!
Watch this space!

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