Sunday, 28 September 2008

Ally Pally

TagHalloween stickers
Beautiful transprant paper type things.... Wooden buttons

Halloween Stickers
Paper tearing Ruler...

Pens! More Halloween Stickers!

Disney stickers ready for my birthday dressing up night out!

Shamefully I have left the prices on, but was pleased I didn't spend too much money!
Going to save for the Custom Cutting System™ Mat and Blades, had a play on Thursday and loved them so saving my pennies!!!

Selfish, self centred nannies!

I became a nanny for the love of the job. I have, in a school report, in my personal statement at the age of 10 'I want to be a nanny when i grow up'
And thats what I've done, and I've had good jobs and bad jobs.
For me, if I wanted to earn mega money I would have done something more worth while...a lawer, doctor, not that I really have the brain for it...but would have done if I wanted to earn mega money.

Soooooo here is my rant...selfish, fresh out of college/no expereince so called 'Nannies' who in Essex expect to earn £500+ PER WEEK!

Nannies in Essex are lucky to earn £350per week. Go to London if you THINK you can get more with NO EXPERIENCE...I'd really like to see you try!

VERY few Essex nannies earn PER HOUR for a full time nanny job, it workd on a weekly/monthly wage


Ahhhhhhh hormones!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Platform 9 3/4

Platform 9 3/4
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Today myself and a friend E went to London for the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking show.
It was great, got a few nice bits, but think there was too much there to know what to buy!!! ha ha ha
I got a 12x12 case for my paper, halloween stickers and bits, some really lovely wooden buttons, paper tearing ruler, tags and some pens.
On the way home we stopped off at Platform 9 3/4 sad, but it had to be done since we were passing!

All in all a nice day, just gonna chill out this evening and hopefully feel better in the morning!

Friday, 26 September 2008

*Dancing through life*

So this week has certainly had its ups and downs.

I am feeling confused but I know whats the best, and will always stand by that choice.

Been to the zoo again today and poor old I3 was poorly :o(

But managed to get all my jobs done! Phew *sigh of relief!*

I started my Creative Memories course, and LOVE it!!!
I NEEEEEEEEEEED so many of the tools! I can feel myself pending too much money! lol

Christmas round the corner!

Also off to the Ally Pally tomorrow for the scrapbooking thing!


Monday, 22 September 2008

A day of....blah!

Today, today has been a good day…but bad in many ways too.

I look at myself and think…if only.

I’m confused as to who I am and what I’m meant to be doing with life…

I love K, but my feelings for him are ever changing, I miss the butterflies and the excitement of seeing the one person you think about all the time…the checking the phone every 20mins to see if they’ve text and waiting till they ask you out.
I know relationships change, but why so much?
Why do I now feel like this old woman who sits in every night of the week, doing homework and wasting my life with the brain-dead box!
But then there are some nights and I love getting into bed and snuggling, or watching a film with the girls and even feel really pleased they ask for my help with homework…although not sure why me! Ha ha ha!

I don’t feel I have any real ‘friends’ I mean I have friends, and a lot of them, but where are they when you need them?
Maybe it’s just me, maybe I actually am a horrible person, and I mean that’s what people say, so maybe that’s true?
A friend recently asked me why I bothered talking about K to her…and made it very clear she wasn’t interested…and it hurt, but good on her for actually saying it!
Then other friends are there when they need/want something from me. Which is the main reason I’ve sort of pulled away from them all?

Then there is G, and I have no idea where I stand with all that, or what I’m expecting…I was sooo chuffed to have seen him today, but worry that I come over as a complete stalker coz I’m forever at the zoo, obviously looks weird now that I know G works there! But I have always abused the Gold Card…I mean that’s why we have one!! Its not like I’m driving MILES to get to the zoo!
The confusion! (*rolls eyes*)

Found out my mother is still in contact with ‘the other man’ and I’m feeling upset she didn’t talk to me about this before. But maybe ‘understand’ more now than I ever did…

I love my job, but where is it going? This time next year, no doubt I will join all the unemployed nannies, well actually I’ll go back to working at the hospital, and if they don’t want me I certainly would hang around waiting for a job to find me!
I want to do something, something so out of character that it will shock everyone! Just what? I’m too comfortable in my little bubble…not that it’s much of a bubble! Nannying abroad? Travel round the world? Pack up and move up North? Change in job?
So much for the change in life style! Hoping the change of hormones next week will help a little with the mood, or maybe a good nights sleep tomorrow night!

Friday, 19 September 2008

FAO readers of UKScrappers

I did comment on orginal post, but sat here, feeling very bad that I have upset people.

That was NEVER my intention.

As I said on the comment. It was a very important project to me, and I was more annoyed with myself for lack of insperation, than with any help that was offered to me.

I was wrong to say NO ONE had helped.

Sorry xxx

Its nearly that time of year again....

Getting ready for the NTA's!

I went last year for the 1st time, and totally wasn't prepared. I left my memory card at home, after charging the battery up, and I didn't have a pen or paper to get autographs :o(

This year i'm taking sister C15 and her friend H15, as well as going with L, her brother and his mates.

We're going to be soooooo prepared! Getting there far to early, to get a good patch next to the red carpet, hanging around all day, come rain or shine (hoping for shine!) Pens, notebook, camera, spare battery, mega huge memory card...

C15 is hoping for David Tennant to be there as she loves him! I saw him last year and she was gutted...also hoping for Harry Hill maybe.
Me I don't really know, I don't really watch soaps so I will just go with the flow and see what happens!
I didn't even watch BB this year to know who any of those would be!

Hoping this link works with pics from last year!

Proudest Nanny Moment!

So in a moment of madness I took S6's stabilisers off her bike! (Monday 15th)

Here is the video of her attempts!

I did mention earlier in the week how proud I was!

New look....

So while being stuck on the sofa....long story!

I decided to change my blog look...I feel its more light and airy

I like :o)


So i've been working on a card for a friend.
I asked on UKScrappers for help and NO ONE was helpful.
So my poor sister was roped into listening to my ideas!

Its a little on the blury side as I took it with my phone, which doesn't seem to be working! lol!

I love it, and hope my friend will.

The idea of the shell is that when we first met we went to Frinton and I picked up the I'm chuffed! lol


Pumpkins are looking GREAT!

I'm really chuffed as there are sooooooo many growing now but this is by far the biggest!

The peppers bless them have been over shaddowed by the pumpkins, but I really didn't realise HOW big the whole plant would grow!

I ate a carrot the other day, and despite being small it was really tasty!

And as for the corn...I don't really know whats happening with that, guess I need to pick another one to check if the inside has grown yet?
Any ideas?

Ohhhh also got 2 tiny stupid looking runner beans on the plant S6 grew at school and I tried to kill by pulling the roots out! lol thats not really how it happened! It was stuck in the glass jar!!!

Had a lovely afternoon at the zoo with I3, who kept telling me..."I'm having a lovely day at the zoo Sarah' despite the fact we did the zoo Wednesday too! Nothing like abusing the Gold Card!

Still feeling rough, can't sleep!
Feel really bad I let down my friend L tonight, but didn't want to feel akward as I was sick last night and I hate being sick at home, let alone in someone elses house :o(
Sorry L if your reading!

Hoping to drug myself up again tomorrow and hit Southend with her!
2p machine here I come! lol

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mixed Emotions.

For a week now my boobs have hurt, seem to have doubled in size and have had almost period like pains...although not had one of those for 18months since having the Implant put in.
So today after having spoke to some friends and read the stuff better on the implant I decided to do a pregnacy test.
It was negitive, which in all honesty i'm pleased about as I really don't need a baby right now...relationship wise, money wise...just not in that place...although actually would love today I am feeling mixed emotions from gutted that i'm not pregnant to worried why I feel so awful and thankful i'm not pregnant!

To top that off...I had to do a weekly shop with £20!!! Clean the house as it was awful and our cleaner is away...I've done well hanging out this long!!!!
I had to pick S6 up from school at 11 as she was 'ill' but after being sick has been full of bean! grrrrrrrr

What a day...will be pleased to go to bed! lol

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Missing in Action! ha ha

So it’s been a while since I last blogged.
The main reason for this is the internet has been down at work – I mean how can people treat there nanny like this!!! Lol, its not a huge problem, I don’t really watch T.V so finding it a real struggle, but managing on an hour of Friends then some other rubbish…some times even Friends on DVD!
The weekend just sort of flashed by. I babysat Friday night, slept in till 12 Saturday…well needed after working Sunday 3pm – Friday 11.30pm!!!
Saturday night I brought K’s mum some flowers and pudding for after dinner. She hardly acknowledged the fact I’d tried to do something nice… *rolls eyes*
But I ignore it and had a nice evening watching a film all snuggled up in bed with K and his girls.
I’m very confused over me and K, I love him, I really do, but I’m so fed up with never having any quality time with him, it makes life very difficult having a relationship with someone you don’t actually see much of.

Things are pretty much so, so. Work is crazy. MB is away in New York we are 2 days into the 2nd week, thankfully she’ll be home this weekend. DB hasn’t been too bad, but there have been forms that needed filling out and cheques that have needed writing but none of those have been done. House has actually been on the tidy side, which is good, means I haven’t had to worry too much.
S6 started back at school last Friday, so we’re getting back into a ‘normal’ routine and doing last minute things (like buying school shirts and sewing name tags onto a recorder-oh fun, fun, fun!) But can’t wait till the term is well and truly in and I get use to getting up at the ridicules time of 6.30!

Sunday 15th I spend a lovely day in Frinton, it was a little chilly but the sun shone and warmed it up. Met a friend that I had been emailing off gumtree…yes I’m that sad I meet friends off gumtree. Anyway we chatted and chatted and laughed and laughed, and I really feel I’ve found a good friend.
Can’t wait until the next meet and hope I wasn’t too mad that they don’t want to see me again! lol

I took S6’s stabiliser off Monday 16th – She’s been riding with one for a while, but noticed she is riding on the wonk!!! So a 5/6 runs up and down the garden she is a fully fledged bike rider!!! Yeh I’m so proud!!

I start my scrap booking course next Thursday, K isn’t particularly happy with it, as it mean we won’t be ‘spending any time together’ ironic really!
But hey ho, I want to do the course and I’ve paid for it so I now HAVE to do it! I can’t wait!

Garden growing nicely, pumpkins are getting big, we now have half a dozen reasonable sized pumpkins!!! Halloween here we come!
Totally fed up of tomatoes, they are yummy and really sweet but I’ve eaten them for about 6 weeks now and we have HUGE amounts of them left!
Cucumber plants are yellowing a bit, not sure why but going to feed them plant food tomorrow and hope they pick up. We still have some more left on there we are waiting to grow bigger.

Monday, 8 September 2008


So last week i picked my 1st cucumber...

It was rather sour at the ends...but very tasty in the middle!

I have a few more growing, which I can't wait to pick! ha ha ha

Pumpkins doing ok, got more of those growing too!

Can't wait to plant some new stuff...hitting the garden centre at the weekend as thats the kind of life I leed!

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Me & Kev

Me & Kev
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So this is me and Kev yesterday at the wedding!
We had such a lovely day. Girls looked lovely and Kev looked very sexy! lol!!!
We didn't have to sit with his mum and dad!!! YEAH!
Did lots of dancing...and drank far tooooooooo much!!

Back at work MB is in New York (ok for some) and DB is at a 'gig' !!

Had a good week last week with the girls, just hanging out and playing games! Although glad S6 goes back to school this week!!!

He he he

Not got much to blag due to the slight hangover! But will blog later in the week!!!