Sunday, 28 September 2008

Selfish, self centred nannies!

I became a nanny for the love of the job. I have, in a school report, in my personal statement at the age of 10 'I want to be a nanny when i grow up'
And thats what I've done, and I've had good jobs and bad jobs.
For me, if I wanted to earn mega money I would have done something more worth while...a lawer, doctor, not that I really have the brain for it...but would have done if I wanted to earn mega money.

Soooooo here is my rant...selfish, fresh out of college/no expereince so called 'Nannies' who in Essex expect to earn £500+ PER WEEK!

Nannies in Essex are lucky to earn £350per week. Go to London if you THINK you can get more with NO EXPERIENCE...I'd really like to see you try!

VERY few Essex nannies earn PER HOUR for a full time nanny job, it workd on a weekly/monthly wage


Ahhhhhhh hormones!

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