Thursday, 18 September 2008

Mixed Emotions.

For a week now my boobs have hurt, seem to have doubled in size and have had almost period like pains...although not had one of those for 18months since having the Implant put in.
So today after having spoke to some friends and read the stuff better on the implant I decided to do a pregnacy test.
It was negitive, which in all honesty i'm pleased about as I really don't need a baby right now...relationship wise, money wise...just not in that place...although actually would love today I am feeling mixed emotions from gutted that i'm not pregnant to worried why I feel so awful and thankful i'm not pregnant!

To top that off...I had to do a weekly shop with £20!!! Clean the house as it was awful and our cleaner is away...I've done well hanging out this long!!!!
I had to pick S6 up from school at 11 as she was 'ill' but after being sick has been full of bean! grrrrrrrr

What a day...will be pleased to go to bed! lol

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