Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Missing in Action! ha ha

So it’s been a while since I last blogged.
The main reason for this is the internet has been down at work – I mean how can people treat there nanny like this!!! Lol, its not a huge problem, I don’t really watch T.V so finding it a real struggle, but managing on an hour of Friends then some other rubbish…some times even Friends on DVD!
The weekend just sort of flashed by. I babysat Friday night, slept in till 12 Saturday…well needed after working Sunday 3pm – Friday 11.30pm!!!
Saturday night I brought K’s mum some flowers and pudding for after dinner. She hardly acknowledged the fact I’d tried to do something nice… *rolls eyes*
But I ignore it and had a nice evening watching a film all snuggled up in bed with K and his girls.
I’m very confused over me and K, I love him, I really do, but I’m so fed up with never having any quality time with him, it makes life very difficult having a relationship with someone you don’t actually see much of.

Things are pretty much so, so. Work is crazy. MB is away in New York we are 2 days into the 2nd week, thankfully she’ll be home this weekend. DB hasn’t been too bad, but there have been forms that needed filling out and cheques that have needed writing but none of those have been done. House has actually been on the tidy side, which is good, means I haven’t had to worry too much.
S6 started back at school last Friday, so we’re getting back into a ‘normal’ routine and doing last minute things (like buying school shirts and sewing name tags onto a recorder-oh fun, fun, fun!) But can’t wait till the term is well and truly in and I get use to getting up at the ridicules time of 6.30!

Sunday 15th I spend a lovely day in Frinton, it was a little chilly but the sun shone and warmed it up. Met a friend that I had been emailing off gumtree…yes I’m that sad I meet friends off gumtree. Anyway we chatted and chatted and laughed and laughed, and I really feel I’ve found a good friend.
Can’t wait until the next meet and hope I wasn’t too mad that they don’t want to see me again! lol

I took S6’s stabiliser off Monday 16th – She’s been riding with one for a while, but noticed she is riding on the wonk!!! So a 5/6 runs up and down the garden she is a fully fledged bike rider!!! Yeh I’m so proud!!

I start my scrap booking course next Thursday, K isn’t particularly happy with it, as it mean we won’t be ‘spending any time together’ ironic really!
But hey ho, I want to do the course and I’ve paid for it so I now HAVE to do it! I can’t wait!

Garden growing nicely, pumpkins are getting big, we now have half a dozen reasonable sized pumpkins!!! Halloween here we come!
Totally fed up of tomatoes, they are yummy and really sweet but I’ve eaten them for about 6 weeks now and we have HUGE amounts of them left!
Cucumber plants are yellowing a bit, not sure why but going to feed them plant food tomorrow and hope they pick up. We still have some more left on there we are waiting to grow bigger.

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