Monday, 15 December 2008

Snow Patrol

This is MY song of the moment.
I have always been a Snow Patrol fan, I love there Eyes Wide Open album

This song, makes me smile.
It makes me think of Kev, laying there, together, like nothing else in the world will ever touch us, praying that every second will last longer. Feeling 110% safe tucked up in his arms, smelling his body, sharing body heat, bodies just fitting together perfectly.
Thinking of it fills me with mixed emotions. 3 years is a long time to just stop loving someone but I KNOW we can't be together, give it another 2 weeks and I know things will be easier. At the same time I long to feel and secure and safe wrapped in his arms.

Its amazing how much stronger I feel as a person this time around.
I have the gym keeping me busy, and have found friends in the most unlikely people.
Yes i've had 2 men disarsters in 2 weeks but isn't that half the fun?!?
I just have to count myself lucky I have the people I have!

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