Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Catching up...

Why do we always let people slip away and then leave it so long to catch up?
Boyfriends, work and just generally life.
Over the past few weeks I have spent A LOT of time catching up with very good friends.
Christmas eve was Rachael and her HUSBAND and son Charlie, we had such a good gossip about old times and times a head of us, and I really wish we hadn't lost all those years!
I have also been to see Caroline, Andy, AJ16months and the Twins M&O 5months and had a wonderful day with them all, feeding, burping and bathing...I shouldn't leave that so long as the boys are so lovely and I have great fun with them!
Also Leanne I went to college with and her son Harvey...who was gorgeous!

I feel very blessed I have the time now to spend with these important people in my life, lets hope the next year is full of more visits, cuddles, kisses and happy times.

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