Sunday, 23 November 2008

25th Disney Birthday!

Here is one of the 106 photo's from last night!
I had such an amazing night, despite the funny looks and feeling a little fat in my dress!
I had my hair cut early Saturday morning and hasn't told anyone so it was a bit of a surprise for the people who turned up!
Of course I was Cinderella
Kev-My Prince Charming
Vicky - My Ugly Step sister! Love you really!)
Jenni-Minnie Mouse
Sue-Jack Sparrow
Rebecca-Minnie Mouse
Big G- Woody
Sim - Captin Hook
and Laura, Gary & George turned up too

I can't wait to scrap my picture and have ordered them off Photobox already...I have used them so much in the last few weeks and they are SOOOO great. Photos are great quality and soooooo quick!

The week has just flown by.
Monday I was at the gym
Tuesday I was at a workshop from 7.30-10, I made 4 pages and one of the other ladies there made 3 yes count them 3 lables! ha ha ha
Wednesday I went swimming at the gym on my own!!! I managed 30 lengths in 30mins
Friday I took India swimming at the gym for the mother and tots was so quiet so India and I swam for 45mins, I got a fair few lenghts done but not as many as I would have liked!
Then I took Kev out for dinner and to see James Bond at the Cinema to cheer him up after having some bad news that he'd been made redundant again :o(
Not only that but is Great Nan Rene had been admitted to hospital :o(
Fingers crossed everything will work out.