Friday, 14 November 2008

Today I.....

Joined the gym!
I actually did it!
Joined....I am a member of LA Fitness!!!
I also weighed myself at 16st which is just over 100lbs so fingers crossed I loose some of that!

Got my Health Check Monday, which its scary, but hopefully I won't die!

Went to 'Treats and Temptation' Creative Memories party and treated myself to...
Disney Princess Additions - ready for next Saturday when I go out to Celebrat my Birthday dressed up as Disney Characters...I am of course Cinderella!
Vellum, so I can print my own poem and stuff on them
Memoriabilia Pocted to keep tickets and coins and things in so you can take them out.
A pocket to put my NTA booklet in
A nice little case for my little bits, like glue and stamps
New pages
and page proctector that have totally finished off my pages!

I am a HAPPY bunny!

I am now uploading 215 pictures onto Photbox ready (fingers crossed) for my workshop on Tuesday!

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