Saturday, 8 November 2008

Nannys Helping Hand (Issue 5)

This month in the NHH magazine I had 3 articles, my usual fact file then Lyndsey told me late one night she was a few articles short, so I whipped up Social Networking as a Nanny and the Crafty Christmas Count down.
I'm so pleased with how the articles turned out! :o)
Can't wait till next issue, and to get writting for it! (Which should be now but I'm catching up on other things and debating going out to buy some scrap booking paper....)


Jo Power said...

Gone go and buy paper you know you want to. You can catch up another day.


well done on producing these articles at the last minute.

I am even more impressed when I see how much you do, its a wonder you had the time ;O)

Nanny's Helping Hand said...

Sarah was a life saver! shes a star!

* Sarah * said...

Thanks :o)
I do wonder myself how much more I can do!!! LOL
I went out and got my paper but didn't manage to scrapbook!