Wednesday, 8 October 2008


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Tonight I was thinking about the UKS photo comp.
This month it had to be AUTUMN. I wnat you to show me what sums up AUTUMN for
Is it baking apple pies, crunchy leaves, going to a pumpkin farm, or
wrapping up warm and wearing wellies for long country walks. Whatever it is I
want to see your photos of AUTUMN

I've been out in the garden and taken pictures of the trees turning autumn colours and things like that, but tonight whlst pulling my curtains, I saw this...The colours were AMAZING, the photo does it no justice.

Also I'm not really that organised with Christmas, just saw the presents in the sales and picked them up to spread out the cost. I also have a HUGE list of things I have to buy.
I have NO idea what to buy for my Dad, Step Mum, Brother 13 and Step Dad, its a nightmare!!!


Caryn said...

Hi Sarah - the photo is gorgeous. Very atmospheric. You got me thinking about christmas too - EEEEEK!

* Sarah * said...

I know I keep telling my mum that if she starts soon, it spreads out the cost and then there will be no panic come Christmas!

Caryn said...

I ALWAYS panic before christmas! No matter how organised I am I always worry about the things I never got. You just can't get it all can you?

* Sarah * said...

I guess it depends on what you need?
I don't ever really have a that I recall!