Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Will power...

So i gave in, had one :o(
Feel so silly coz I'd done a whole day without one and then managed most of today.
I guess tomorrow I will try to patches, I just wish it was easier, although after 9 years I knew it would be hard!
Guess the stress just got to me...was so looking forwards to spending all day Sunday with K, but now he has to work, means I get a few hours Saturday night, after what 6weeks of having no time together :o(
On the plus side I am off work from 23rd Dec till the New Year! Whooooo! Love my job!!!!

Also its utter madness, I have brough a whole load of Christmas Presents and I'm debating wrapping them...do I need locking up?!!?!?


jay670120 said...

cant believe you have wrapped pressies !!!! i havent even bought any !!!! Tomorrow is another day on the no smoking thing , fingers crossed again for you lol !!! x

* Sarah * said...

I know I can't believe I've done it!
I guess I have loads to buy this year so spreading the cost!

glittermonster - aka Emma said...

i think i might lock you up you know but you've wrapped them now - hope they have labels on them!

Sorry to hear about K - what a disappointment, can you do something nice instead?


* Sarah * said...

I don't do lables, I just write on them coz I'm a tight arse!