Thursday, 9 October 2008

Soooooo Proud!

Of my Kev for doing the right thing for us all!
Due to the *dare I say it* Credit Crunch, Kev hasn't been doing so well at work, not many people want to buy a new car, let alone a new Lexus! So poor old Kev is earning s**t all, which doesn't do his stress related hair loss much good as he isn't earning enough to provid for his children.

Well today he went for an Interveiw and was offered the job!

Monday-Friday! Yeh yeh yeh, means we might get some time together too!
Not really sure what he'll be doing, but money is going to be better after the 3 months probation period!

I'm sooooooooooo proud of him for making a HUGE change!



~Vicki~ said...

oh that's great, congrats to you both!!!! hope you get to spend more time together xx

Shirley said...

Good luck for Kev in his new job and great that you will be seeing more of each other.

* Sarah * said...

Thanks girls!
I'm sooooooo excited!
Fingers crossed today for handing his notice in!

Emma H said...

big shiney star for kev :) hope it goes well for him


Enfys said...

Good luck for the new job. My dearest recently did something similar because of being made redundant. New job is much better than the old one, despite a little less cash.