Saturday, 4 October 2008


Here is my first LO from my Creative Memories Course.
We spent the 1st 1/2 of the lesson learning about boarders, then used more tools then put our 1st LO together.
I'm hoping Eventually this will be a double page spread, as I have a few more pics to join in.
Its obviously missing a title but we're moving onto that next week!
I wasn't overly sure on the colours, but once it was all layed out on the page I felt it was perfect, the sandy colour mouting the pictures and the bright blue reflecting the blue of the sky.

I'm loving the course so much!

Decided 99% sure that i'm going up north for Christmas, It will be the 1st time in about 10 years so really excited about it.
I've also started Christmas sad! lol
But in fairness as I get paid the 24th of each month I really only have 2 pay days till Christmas! So Hawkins Bazzar got my hard earnt money today on some fun stocking present type things!

'The Works' had some cool bits and had to resist bying scrapbooking stuff even though it was cheap! Although tempted to buy the HSM scrapbook album for S6....lets hope its still there when i decide!


Linda Elbourne said...

A great LO

* Sarah * said...

Thanks :o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for following me Sarah, I have a feeing we are going to get on really well!!

glittermonster - aka Emma said...

that's a great page Sarah - I might have to get you to help me with my books!!

mommykerrie said...

found you doing a search for breastfeeding blogs just for fun. saw your creative memories post and i'm hooked. i used to sell the stuff and still scrapbook in a very simple manner when i can. come see me ... It's nice to meet you! Kerrie