Monday, 6 October 2008


After nearly 9 years (9years on the 4th November) I have decided to attempt to give up smoking. The 1st time I tried I lasted a few months.
I'm not really sure why i'm giving up, health, money, work...but I'm hoping this won't put me off as usually I need a good reason to stop.
I haven't had one since 11ish last night so we're on 12hours and feeling the cravings.
If they get worse I will resort to using at patch, but at the moment I am going cold turkey...WISH ME LUCK


jay670120 said...

I wish you all the luck in the world giving up smoking , think of all the new stash you can buy with all that saving !!!!
Good luck and i think youve climbed a huge hurdle already x

* Sarah * said...

Thanks so much for the comment!

Everytime I would have brought cigs i'm going to put the money in my Canada fund...might get me there quicker!
Thats if I don't buy too much stash!

Shirley said...

Lots and lots of luck you will benefit it loads of ways I am sure.
I gave up too many years ago to mention and have never regretted it.

glittermonster - aka Emma said...

you can do it - everytime you want one message us and we'll help ya hun... keep up the good work.