Thursday, 30 October 2008

Final LO's

I've got a bit more decoration to go on this page...I was thinking a few musical notes! Here is my final 2page Frinton LO, i just added the yellow shells to mix in the 2 pages
And The Big Toddle finished with a vellum poem (the friend on in the blog FAO ME)

And my new LO I did today!
I love it! Unfortunatly its NOT a 2 page, which will ruin my album but i'm sure i can work round that!
I love the play on 'Tu Tu Beautiful' just soooooooooo perfect I feel!
It was also my last Creative Memories class today. I've booked in for a few workshops and going over for an event on 13th November (I think). Its sad, coz I liked KNOWING each week I was going to do a LO, now I just have to sort of work alone! Ahhhhhh scary!

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jay670120 said...

You have been busy x