Thursday, 16 October 2008

More new stash and new LO

The 1st picture is something we had to do today on the course. Its made out of circle and heart punches...we all made different ones, but don't feel its the sort of thing I could use on a page, although one lady made a really lovely LO that I will take a pic of next week!

2nd picture is of my new LO which will work along with the 'Frinton' one...I felt it needed another colour on it, so used the yellow, which is in I3s swim suit.

I think it needs something else, but i'm doing some shells next week I think...

Then the next lot is my new stash..he he he! So naughty!

I have large and small sticker letters, vellum 'family' expressions, precision point glue pen, Titletopia and a multipurpose tool and clips!!!!


Claire aka Feline said...

Oooh new stash, how exciting :)

Love the layout and I really like the oval photos...something you don't see that often and it makes a nice change :) xxx

Enfys said...

Enjoy your stash. Lovely LO.

* Sarah * said...

Thanks you!!

Elizabeth said...

Like your layout and I really love that class embellishment you made. Isn't it fun to get stash - like Christmas :)

Thanks for sharing