Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Still not online!....

Grrrrrr! in the last 3 days I have had the internet for 5mins....last night!
So I drove over to my mums just to steal the internet!
Hoping the problem will be solved by Friday when we get the new BT homehub thing...who knows!

I went into the paper mill shop during the week and i'm debating getting there version of the creative memories cutters...although not sure they will cut through photos...I guess its only £14.99 and I have £10 off voucher. So worth getting for £4.99?!?!?

Had my implant replaced Tuesday, was like being suck in a Saw movie...the local anesthetic was given to me, then the doctor went to make the cut...I felt it! :o(
So had to have more local anesthetic, then doctor went off to give it more time to 'work'
Luckily that did the trick and all the rest went smoothly!
Its still tender today, but don't think i should have got it so wet this morning!

Think that about it...another creative course tomorrow..can't wait! Got my photos ready...all of I3 but i'm sure I could make some good LOs with them! :o)

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