Thursday, 30 October 2008

NTA's 2008

We has such a good day, although long and cold!
We arrived at the RAH at 11.30 to get good spots on the red carpet.
We cheered when they were laying the red carpet! lol
I even got to take some home! (only coz I chatted nicely to the red carpet man, and thought it would be cool in a scrap book!!!)
I got over 25 autographs, not that I know who half of them are from!
But got Ned from Neighbours and Mark from Ugly Betty!!!!!! :o)
(of course they are better than Louis Walsh! LOL)

We sat 2 rows in front of Anton from Stictly Come Dancing, who was over joyed at the show winnng over X-Factor. He was also with Nick from DIY SOS, Myleen Class and Gethin Jones (excuse spellings!)
Paris Hilton was also there and OMG is she something else! She presented the award then her and her ITV2 people left, but they weren't really paying much attention TBH.


* Sarah * said...

The lay out of the photo's aren't great but I can't be bothered to sort them out any more!!!!

Jemma said...

Awesome photos! You had a good spot!

Claireliz said...

Great photos looks like you had a great time