Saturday, 16 August 2008

2 weeks HOLIDAY whooooohooooooo!

So as of yesterday I am offically on holiday for 2 WEEKS!!!

I went down the pub last night with K and played darts (2-2 for all those interested!)

Today I'm looking for scrapbooking stuff on ebay, got a few bits that I needed, stupid thing thought, I forgot to change the address so they are all being posted to work! DOH!
Then when we're ready my sister V and I are off on a London Adventure, shopping no doubt and the we're going to see Wicked! So excited!

Sunday BBQ @ Emilys
Monday Bluewater to meet Mrs Bear for lunch and maybe more shopping!
Tuesday London with C15 and J10
Wednesday meeting a new gumtree friend
Thursday hopefully meeting a fellow nanny for lunch without children!
Friday off to Huddersfield to spend some more time with my family up there
Then Wednesday off to Leeds to visit my Auntie J and staying till Friday when I will travel 4hours back down the motorway!!!!
Saturday off to Thorpe Park with Fellow nannies for a fun day out!

Can't wait for it all to start!

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