Thursday, 14 August 2008


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Yesterday I took S6 and I3 camping.

We were meant to camp at Barleylands, but when we got to the campsite, we were met by gale force winds and heavy rain.
I managed to get the main part of the tent up alone and pegged down, but I couldn't get the waterproof part over the text by myself in the wind.
So after 30mins of trying I stropped and took the tent back to my mummies house and pitched it up 15ft or so from the back of our house!

As you can tell from the picture we cooked marsh mallows over the BBQ later in the evening (well 8ish)
Then we settled down for the night...HA HA HA HA
I3 didn't fall asleep till 10.30, S6, J10 and myself were between 11 and 12. J10 and myself were then woken up at around 4 by a little girl who was having nightmares about spiders in the tent!!!!

'Shhhhh, shhhhh, shhhhh I3 its ok Sarah is here, lets put our head down and sleep, Sarah will throw those spiders out shhhhh, sshhhhhhh'

I3 then decided she wants a FULL BLOWN conversation with me at 4 in the morning! ha ha ha
I'm still shhhhhh, shhhhhing her! lol (as you would coz its 4 in the morning!!!)

Then we're up at 7!!!

I3 'Can I have more chocolate now?'

Yeah of course at 7 in the morning!!!!!

Cooked sausages and beans on the BBQ for breakfast..nice :o)

And then headed off to Barleylands for a spot of craft shopping (Sorry girls) and then a walk round the farm.

All in all been a REALLY lovely few days, despite the fact I'm MEGA tired!!! Well its 10 now so guess not too early to sleep!

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