Sunday, 10 August 2008

Weekend away!

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Today I drove back from Huddersfield.

Feel really sad every time I leave as I love visiting my Dad, Step Mum and brother.
Feel like i've missed out on so much over the last 10years not really keeping in contact, I can't wait to go up again on the 22nd!
I took some really lovely pictures while I was up there, they have the most amazing garden, and my Dad has a FAB veggie patch I can't wait till next year to make mine bigger!
I've put a few pics on facebook just to bored people! LOL :o)

I did find out today though that; Gardening is said to be one of the best exercises for maintaining healthy bones

Just one of the many random facts I learnt today...along with 99% of people can't lick their own elbow (and laughed when my friend C actually tried it!)

Also I've offically told people that K and I are back together...we'll giving things a go. But he's not so wiling to do i'm back to this whole confusing thing! I love him to bits, I really do...just very unsure at the moment of where things are going to end up!
I'm just gonna take each day as it comes and see what for the moment!

Who knows what is going to be around the corner!

Any ho, got a busy week, 3 birthday parties...don't get too excited, just children's ones but will be good fun!
Also off camping with S6 and I3, only local but can't wait!

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