Friday, 8 August 2008

General mind clearing!

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Today i'm blogging from Huddersfield!

My sister and I drove up to surprise our dad, and boy was he surprised to see us both up at the same time!

Can't wait to spend the weekend like old times!

Feeling generally good today, realsing more and more that I'm not that awful as a person...and I certainly can't change who I am.
I'm gutted my friend G and I are back to square one again, but thats coz we're both so stubborn! lol
Mental note to make more of a effort! lol

K's went away for suit fitting last night (well suit fitting today but stayed with friends) didn't hear from him till about lunch time today and have then hardly spoken to him at all, feel a little sad about it, but won't tell him that!
But as much as I miss him, I am enjoying chatting to a friend!
I know I don't NEED K just like the fact he knows everything about me and i can talk to him about everything...apart from our 'relationship'

Right head cleared...going to sleep, 3hours driving has killed me!

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