Sunday, 24 August 2008


Today I have no get up and go again to Scrapbook.
Got an album to finsh for next Friday and I just can't find what I want to finish it! Grrrrrr
Where has my mojo gone? Can anyone find it?

I'm missing my veggie patch, my babies. I wonder how well they have grown or if they have been attacked by the wildlife?
Still trying to work out what to plant next, Garlic is as far as I got!

Today we went to the pub for breakfast and at 10.30 the pub was really busy! I mean REALLY busy! So we spent the meal hiding from 'Nick' who was drunk and chatting to us last time I was up, and also hiding from 'Paddy' who was chatting me up Thursday night! But was nice speanding time all together!

Then we headed off to Wigan to visit Step mums, Mum.
She's in a care home and loosing her marbles, but KNOWS she loosing them, which is so sad.
We took her out for tea and cake, and then a walk.
On the walk we recreated some old photos
New ones

and will post the old ones some time next week when I'm back at work!

Its really odd being back here, In a good way!

Although missing the girls like mad and also missing K...hope tomorrow will be busier!

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