Wednesday, 20 August 2008

New banner

I've added a new banner....It has pictures of most the things in life I love

Obviously there is a picture of myself!
Then a picture of myself and the beautiful girls I look after S6 and I3, Love them to bits!
Darts...I love playing darts at the moment.
London Eye... I love London and having adventures in London!
Khan...I love watching Khan fight...I don't really do sports but love watching Khan!
Music...explains it all.
Laptop...again no need to explain!
Camera...I love taking pictures of EVERYTHING and I will admit to keeping most of the pictures I take!
Vegetable Garden...I love my little veggie plot, It gives me so much pleasure! :o)

I'm sure it will change as things pop into my head but for the moment I love it! :o)


jay670120 said...

great idea for a banner putting fave things up !

* Sarah * said...


I'm sure it will change so many times, but i guess thats the fun part!