Sunday, 31 August 2008

Not sure how to feel!

Sorry to all those UKScrappers and Vegetable gardeners who come to look at my blog for SB and veggie stuff!
Having not been at work its all gone to pot! Well hopefully till tomorrow when i get back into my normal routine!

Got to Ks last night and whats on the wall when you walk in the door? A happy happy old family photo of a holiday with Ks ex girlfriend in (the mother of his children)...then I get shown the girls room...what is in there? Thats right Pics of K the girls and HER again!

Thing that makes me laugh is the K's mum HATES E (the mother of the children) so makes me wonder HOW much she hates me as I couldn't even make it in the Lanarote holiday pics on the fridge!

K won't talk to me about it as it upsets him...apprantly I can't be upset about it!

I spent a while cooking a nice chilli, one with beans for me and his mum and one without for K and his dad.
She sat there with a face like a slapped backside and was so I got drunk, which doesn't take alot coz I don't usually drink!

Its makes me sooooooooo cross. And I realise he doesn't want to talk about it coz it stresses him out but I need to talk about it!!!

What do I do?

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