Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Can't sleep....again!

So i'm laying here with so much going on in my mind...

No chance of getting some sleep but need at least a few hours to make the drive up to Hudderfield tomorrow!
I've changed my original departure date, due to a change in plans...K isn't very well and as i'm not a nurse maid, so i'm going to leave early and sing my little heart out to Wicked ALL the way up norf! ha ha ha

Its a shame no one seems to be online coz although sleeply and thoughtful, I am in quiet a playful sort of know chucking things at my sis leaving random messages on peoples walls on facebook :o) real grown up sort of stuff!

I'm missing work like mad! I don't do 'bored' well and I guess thats why i'm not working and also not working gives me time to think...and thinking does no good! No good what-so-ever! lol

Guess if my battery on LT runs out I WILL have to sleep but apprantly got 30mins before that happens! ha ha ha

So what else can i chatter about?

Did you know...A toothbrush within 6 feet of a toilet can get airborne bacteria from flushing.

Interesting thought hey!!!

Right running off now to check my emails! and just to save everyone from any more random facts!

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