Sunday, 17 August 2008

blah blah blah

I haven't been on for a day and a bit and sooooooooo much has happened.

1) Wicked was totally AMAZING and I loved it soooooo much! In fact the whole day out was fantastic, NHM, Butterfly thing at NHM, V&A and of course Wicked!

2)I spent my 1st night in MONTHS with K. I didn't get over there till about 1 as I had to drop my sis V26 off at home before going over but once I got there was so nice just falling asleep on his chest without a care in the world.
But of course the whole dynamics of our realationship has changed again now as C11 and R10 are back from there mummies and I won't see him now till...goodness knows when as he won't want to leave them to go out with me.
He doesn't see it like this, of course he doesn't...but we'll see. I don't expect anything has changed just basically been used for 3 weeks coz he's been bored as the kids haven't been about.
Anyway enough of that coz it makes me sad :o(

3) Had a wonderful BBQ at Emily's today with some friend. ate far too much but just enjoyed chatting and doing 'normal' things!
I think Emily is lovely, there is nothing about her I dislike :o)

4)I brought lots of scrapbooking stuff on ebay, too much.
But want to gets a start on a few more pages...some from the weekend activities and some for my stepmum with flowers of her all the ideas, just hope it comes out ok!

Got a busy day tomorrow and I can't wait to met my friends NB twins! :o)
I will be sure to get lots of pictures!

Just gotta be positive....send me good vibes to stay happy! x

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