Sunday, 3 August 2008

Boot Sale

Today I did a boot sale with K.
I didn't take anything along, due to the short notice and all my belongings being at work, but helped K sell his 'stuff'. We did really well and he made £170, could have been a little more if we'd not had burgers, drinks, sweets and ice cream...which were all in close distance of our pitch!!!!!!
I got a real bargin, Singing Troy and Gabriella dolls (for S6 and I3 I'll have you know!) for £5!!! (RRP £35.98) They are hardly played with all clothes and shoes and stands as well! I'm so chuffed! Know the girls will be too!
We also saw
Lorne Spicer
Who does a day time T.V show, Boot Sale Challenge or something similar....pretending I don't know!!!!
They were obviously filming, and were spending a lot of time at the stall next to ours!
Unfortunatly AJ didn't come with us, which was a real shame. Feel like I've let his mummy down :o(
Totally need to make up for it!
After the boot sale, we went down the pub, had a drink and a game of darts, followed by dinner which will mean the lbs i've lost this week will all be back on! lol
Hey ho, its been a great day! :o)

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