Friday, 22 August 2008


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Haven't really got anything to blog about, but feel like I have to blog...maybe its becoming an addiction?!

So thought i'd shove this picture up from the Amazing Butterflies exhibition at the NHM in London I took my sister V26 to for her birthday (along with Wicked)

I have a few more of them (I think) over on my facebook page....
Not sure if the link will work but worth a try...there are obviously other random photos from my adventures!

Feeling a little less sorry for myself today...hoping that everything is going to work out ok, and I'm sure it will.

Been into Huddersfield today, mooching as we Letch's do best! Had coffee at Cafe Nero and popped to M&S to buy some food. Step mum now back in bed as she's not been very wel :o(

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