Monday, 4 August 2008

A wise lady once....

...explained to me that life was like a box...If you have just one box and it gets taken away...what are you left with?
So rather than having just one box, split your life into many of boxes, if one gets taken away what then do you have?

Now I laughed and joked about why boxes? Why not cirlces (which is a VERY good questions with a long answer that if you want to know just comment and i'll tell you!)

But since everything in my life has been turned upside down I'm starting to understand why...K was my WHOLE life, everything I did was about K and his children C11 & R10. Since then I have decided not to give my everything to ONE person/thing!
My life now, consists of things that make me happy, and despite my 'friends' taking the piss about my hobbies, I actually couldn't give a toss as for once I am actually doing things that I enjoy!
I love my vegetable plot, its relaxing and slightly exciting...I also can't wait to start my scrapbooking, I think its such a lovely way to keep my memories! And also a little excited about finding a darts team to play for!

I'm just happy finally being me!

Also just for the record I have a injured wrist, so my guitar hero dreams will have to be put on hold (it was that that caused the damage!!!!) Ha ha ha

And....while i'm still here, DON'T go and see Love was AWFUL!

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